Do you use milk alternatives?

While dairy milk is very popular, we aim to cater for everyone and offer a range of plant and nut based dairy alternative milks, including Oatly Barista, Soya, Coconut and Almond.


People choose to consume alternative milk and yogurts for various reasons. Some individuals have dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, and alternative options made from plants provide suitable alternatives.

Health-conscious individuals may opt for alternative milk and yogurts due to their lower saturated fat and cholesterol content, whereas Vegan or plant-based individuals prefer these alternatives as they align with their lifestyle choices.

Additionally, the environmental impact of traditional dairy farming has led to a rise in popularity of plant-based options for sustainability reasons. Finally, personal taste preferences play a role, as alternative milk and yogurts offer different flavours and textures.

It’s important to consider the nutritional content and choose fortified options to ensure a balanced diet when consuming alternative milk and yogurts.

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