It’s time to consolidate…

As a sustainably-focussed business, goodnus is on a BIG consolidation drive to help our customers reduce their food miles and delivery emissions, lowers costs, all without sacrificing quality, when ordering daily essentials and goodies for their office kitchens and pantries, such as milk, alternatives, fruit boxes, snack boxes, chilled drinks, and coffee.

Many other suppliers offer ‘order consolidation services’, which often means consolidating invoicing only, relying on fulfilment and deliveries through multiple 3rd parties.

At goodnus we guarantee to consolidate orders, invoicing and deliveries, with all goods being delivered by our in-house team, with a single monthly invoice.

Consolidating deliveries aligns with most businesses’s sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and minimising the office’s environmental footprint. By combining deliveries into larger, more efficient vehicles, offices can significantly decrease the number of delivery vehicles on the road. This consolidation subsequently reduces fuel consumption, air pollution, and congestion, contributing to a greener and more sustainable office environment.

Additionally, by working with suppliers such as goodnus, who prioritise sustainable production processes, packaging and delivery practices, offices can further promote their environmental responsibility.

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