Quality, sustainability & pricing

Our product range has been carefully selected, following a consistent methodology of quality, sustainability and pricing.

Fruit boxes

Our seasonal fruit boxes include a variety of 40 pieces of fresh fruit, which are rigorously checked by our quality control team, before delivered directly into your office pantry or kitchen in our reusable cardboard boxes.

You won’t be surprised to hear that bananas are the most popular office fruit. We’ve invested in a banana ripening room so that we can completely control the ripening process, and ensure we always deliver perfectly yellow bananas’.

As an added bonus, our ripening room means we only travel to our banana importers once a week, helping us to minimise your food miles.

Snack boxes

Our snack boxes include at least 40 individual snacks, with an assortment of ten different products, including vegan and gluten-free options to cater for everyone.

We’re aiming for all of the individual snacks to be produced within 100 miles of Charing Cross and packaged in compostable packing

At present, around 50% of contents are locally sourced and 50% packed in compostable packaging.


Our milk is sourced from Cotteswold Dairy, who are located in Tewkesbury, 111 miles away from Charing Cross, so slightly outside our aim of 100 miles. However, to minimise our food miles, they work with over 40 different family farms that are all local to their processing site.

Our primary milk offering is delivered in glass bottles, which are reused up to 40 times, however, we appreciate that glass isn’t always practical, therefore we also offer several plastic packaged options.


While dairy milk is very popular we aim to cater for everyone and offer a range of plant and nut based dairy alternative milks, including Oatly Barista, Soya, Coconut and Almond.

As you may know, once opened alternative milk should be consumed within a week. We therefore encourage you to speak to your office and agree on a single ‘milk alternative’ to avoid wasting half-drunk containers.


At goodnus we work with several carefully selected partners such as SEND Coffee and Liquidline to provide our customers with the best products, and offer a variety of coffee options ranging from beans, ground and instant coffee, to bean-to-cup machines and other accessories.

SEND Coffee: a non-profit coffee roastery, with a collection of coffee shops that train young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Liquidline: a like minded and proven customer focussed business providing great quality coffee and vending solutions.

Chilled drinks

All of our chilled drinks are packaged in aluminium cans, with a mixture of premium, established brands and quirky, up and coming locally produced products to cater for all office environments.

It took a while, but in July 2022, as part of Plastic Free July, we pledged to stop delivering chilled drinks in plastic packaging. We did not want to replace plastic with single use glass as the heavier container weight would increase our delivery emissions.

You can find out more about Plastic Free July HERE!

Healthy Shots

Fighter Shots produce a delicious range of products designed to boost immunity, reduce fatigue, and promote skin and joint health, and were winners of the 2020 and 2022 Great Taste Awards,

They choose the highest quality ingredients. Their ginger, turmeric, beetroot and lemon come from organic producers, and their pure and Manuka honeys are proudly supplied by Hilltop Honey. They also use glass bottles and aluminium cans to ensure no harmful chemicals leach into their drinks.


Tims Dairy award-winning natural and Bio-Live Greek Style yogurts made with fresh British milk and only natural ingredients. They’re available in a variety flavours such as Raspberry, Honey, Black Cherry, Vanilla and plain.

Dedicated to sustainability, Tims Dairy yogurt pots are 100% recyclable,
so they can become yogurt pots again and again. They also removed all plastic their over-lids, which saves approximately 8 tonnes of plastic per year!