We believe that sustainability and the impact of our business on the environment should be the leading consideration when making any business decision.


Is your product packaging as sustainable as it could be? It is estimated that 46,000 pieces of plastic float on each square mile of sea.

We deliver around 20,000 glass bottles to corporate offices across London and Essex every week.

Conservatively, we estimate that we have helped these offices to avoid using 6,000 plastic bottles per week: or 300,000 every year!

As well as glass bottled milk, we’re always seeking plastic reductions, such as with our canned juices, water and snack boxes (which contain more and more compostable packets).

Food miles

Are you utilising local suppliers to reduce your food miles? Do you consolidate deliveries where you can?

At goodnus we constantly review our delivery routes to improve our efficiency and reduce our food miles. We also strive to source our products as close to home as possible, and proudly partner with some great producers.

For example, our yogurts are produced 23 miles from Charing Cross. Cambridge Juice grow their apples only 55 miles from the Charing Cross. Our snack boxes are full of local brands, such as Fairfields Farm crisps, who grow potatoes and process them in Colchester only 65 miles from Charing Cross.

We also back-haul where possible, such as collecting our bananas from our importer at Heathrow, after completing the airport’s delivery.

Avoiding wastage

Are you managing your stock levels to avoid wastage? Do you work with your suppliers to improve their supply chain efficiency?

As the hybrid business model continues to gain momentum we’re proactively working with our clients to monitor their usage and requirements.

Our metrics work as a base for estimating your consumption, enabling us to develop ‘par’ quantities: our distribution team then simply replenishes your stock back to these levels. This avoids last minute ordering and enables us to efficiently order from our supply chain!