We have some big news to announce…

…we have a new HQ!!

As goodnus continues to grow, we’ve invested in a new distribution centre and headquarters with over 11,400Sq Ft of warehouse space across two levels, which will help support further growth, whilst allowing us to introduce even more new and exciting product lines to meet customer demand.

With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, finding the right building, space and equipment has undoubtedly been a huge challenge, but nonetheless a worthy endeavour.

Here’s some of the challenges we faced:

  1. Building – many commercial buildings, especially the size we required, aren’t overly energy efficient. With support from our landlord, our new HQ has been completely renovated and modernised, and was even de-gassed which helped achieve an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of B. We’re also pleased to confirm that our new HQ building is powered 100% by electricity, and uses zero fossil fuels.
  2. External space – since we deliver over 25 tonnes of goods into London and the surrounding areas each night throughout the week, we needed enough room to park our fleet of EURO 6, ULEZ compliant refrigerated vans.
  3. Cold Storage – with over 140m2 of refrigerated storage space, consisting of two separate cold rooms, food safety and customer wellbeing is paramount, therefore to ensure we continue to meet the stringent requirements of our SALSA accreditation, whilst remaining sustainable, it required a sizeable investment into state of the art refrigeration equipment, such as the latest insulated panels, which can retain the internal temperature for up 36-48hrs, custom doors, and energy efficient chillers and condensers to regulate the temperature.
  4. Dry storage – to support our growth and the introduction of new product lines, we decided to fully utilise the existing footprint of our new HQ, and built a 270m2 mezzanine floor above our cold rooms. This has allowed us to increase to overall footprint of the building.
  5. Forklift Truck – by building a mezzanine floor at 3m high, we needed to invest in a forklift truck for loading and unloading pallets. Rather than opting for a gas or diesel powered vehicle, we invested in a modern and fully-electric forklift truck, which requires a single charge once a week. Again, zero fossil fuels!

To find our more about our new HQ or to book a visit, please get in touch with a member of our team via the form below.

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