We’ve lifted the lid – our secret is out…

As huge advocates for sustainability, it gives us great pleasure to announce that as of mid-September we’ll be phasing out green poly bottle lids, replacing them with clear recyclable lids, removing several million lids out of circulation each year, that are more difficult to recycle.

Similar to goodnus, our partner Cotteswold Dairy are always looking for ways to become more sustainable and lessen the impact they have on the environment. The use of recycled material in food packaging is an excellent opportunity for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint, and both Cottesworld and goodnus are actively promoting the use of recycled content in poly bottles to our respective customers and network, and switching to recyclable lids in the next step in our collective mission!

Unlike the coloured lids, which contain pigments used to colour plastic, preventing them from being easily recycled and re-used by the food industry, the clear lids can be completely recycled. Since there’s a global shortage of recycled plastic material for use in food grade packaging, the food industry must do what it can to support these ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Although traditional coloured caps are used as an easy identifier for skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk, Cotteswold Dairy have launched a new label range with clear and pronounced colouring to help customers identify the different types of milk.

Whilst red and blue lids will remain in circulation for the time being, we also hope to phase these out in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, moving the green lids to recyclable plastic is a big step, especially given that semi-skimmed is the most popular type.

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