What we do

goodnus helps to create happy productive working environments, by sourcing and supplying the finest fresh products, such as milk, fruit, snacks, chilled drinks, tea and coffee, whilst being as sustainable as possible.

The goodnus way…

1. You order

We help you calculate your initial requirements when making your first order. We use data from thousands of previous deliveries to help you to avoid over-ordering and avoid food waste.

2. We deliver

We deliver directly into your office, fridge or kitchen before 7am. This means we won’t make any noise or cause disruption during the working day!

3. You enjoy

Your milk, fruit and other goodies will be ready to enjoy for your breakfast. This is great for employee wellbeing and staff retention.

4. We replenish

After your first delivery we’ll only replenish your fridges or kitchen with what’s required. By only replenishing with what you need, this helps reduce waste and unnecessary cost!

5. We collect

Since our glass milk bottles and cardboard boxes for fruit, snacks and other packaged goods can be reused, we collect the empty bottles and boxes after making each delivery, reducing both ours and our customer’s carbon footprint.

Why choose the goodnus way…

Our customers want to show their employees that they care, and we make it very simple. We’ve built our reputation by offering the highest quality products, with best in class service, and with a constant focus on minimising our (and our customers) impact on the environment.

Core to our business are the following principles:


The products we offer are great tasting – quality always comes first with us, with sustainability and proximity close seconds.

We hold accreditations from industry respected institutes. Our operations are audited end to end at least annually which gives you assurance that our food, hygiene and distribution standards match the quality of our products. We regularly visit our suppliers to ensure our supply chain remains compliant and fully aligned with our principles.


As you may have seen when walking to your office, it’s not uncommon for fresh produce to be left in loading bays, or even worse outside of office doors in the street. While it’s quick and efficient for drivers it didn’t sit well with us and so we changed this and started speaking with customer to gain trust to get into their offices outside of working hours.

Today we hold hundreds of keys, fobs, passes and door codes for some of London’s most prestigious, and iconic buildings. We deliver our customer’s goods directly into the kitchens and fridges and ensure your office is ready to trade before you arrive and our products remain fresh and fit for consumption.

Oh, did we forget to mention that all of our staff are DBS checked.


We haven’t yet discovered or created anything ground-breaking like when Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web, but we are proud of a few things we have changed forever: from being pioneers of glass bottled milk into London in 2017 to helping you to eliminate food wastage in your offices by helping you to manage your consumption.

We’re always working on a few things in the background to keep you, our competitors and most importantly ourselves on our toes, so watch this space.