A little bit about us…

A sustainably-focussed, reliable and innovative delivery partner, supplying milk, fruit, snacks and chilled drinks to some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Our journey to achieving goodnus…

Our roots started in the dairy world. Having delivered fresh milk to thousands of households for over 25 years, our founders Kevin and Gary were looking at ways to diversify the business and expand.

Driven by the vision of Kevin’s son Chris, in 2017 Ongar Dairy was born, with the ambition to innovate and grow the company from dairy and doorstep deliveries, to fruit, snacks and other consumables, delivering to businesses and office buildings across London and the Essex.

In 2019 Ongar Dairy acquired Docklands and City Dairies, a company which had 25 years of experience of delivering into London offices. The acquisition simply merged Ongar’s great product list, with Docklands customer base, using word of mouth to grow along the way.

Now in 2024, we have proudly partnered with a variety of local producers, supplying their quality products to over 1,300 businesses, including some of London’s most prestigious and iconic office buildings.

Over the years we have evolved significantly, to provide quality, and where possible, local products, sustainable, consistent delivery, designed to create happiness within the workplace. This is why we are now goodnus!