Delivering workplace happinus

We supply and deliver a variety of tasty products, such as fresh milk, fruit and sustainably packaged snacks, tea, coffee and chilled drinks, directly into your office fridge or kitchen.

The goodnus way…

Our process couldn’t be easier and as soon as you’ve made your first order, you’ll be hooked!

1. Order

We help you calculate your initial requirements when making your first order.

2. Deliver

We deliver directly into your office, fridge or kitchen before 7am.

3. Enjoy

Start enjoying your fresh milk, fruit, and other goodies upon arriving to the office.

4. Replenish

After your first delivery we’ll only replenish your fridges or kitchen with what’s required.

5. Collect

We collect the empty glass bottles and boxes after making each delivery.


Our product range has been carefully selected, following a consistent methodology of quality, sustainability and pricing.

Plastic bottles removed in 2023
KG of plastic avoided
Potential food waste reduction


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We proactively support our customers in helping the environment, by reducing unnecessary waste and removing plastic packaging where possible.